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The ACB season concludes with a record number of views in Bilibili

By 21 June 2022No Comments

The Endesa League concludes with Real Madrid proclaiming champion and with record views on Bilibili, a platform that broadcasts all the competitions of the acb in China thanks to the sports consultancy Kalea Sport & Entertainment.

The final playoff game between Real Madrid and Barcelona was watched by 120,000 Chinese spectators. It becomes the game of acb in Bilibili with more live views of the season. The fans of the acb in China did not want to miss the final game for the title of the Spanish league; last essential appointment of the season.

“From Bilibili we have been periodically informed about the share numbers. Starting from a time difference of +6 or +7 hours, depending on the time of year, a loyal audience has been achieved, something very important to be the first year. We have as a new objective that these figures increase considerably with the plan that we will develop for the next season”, explains Fran González, CEO of Kalea Group and Kalea Sport & Entertainment.

Great collaboration between acb, Bilibili and Kalea Sport & Entertainment

From Kalea Sport & Entertainment we want to express our gratitude for the good work of all parts involved in bringing the acb brand to China. It has been a great season, together we have managed to make the Chinese fans enjoy the best basketball in Europe: Super Cup, Cup and Endesa League.

“It’s been incredible. This is the first time in history that the ACB has been broadcast in China, with all that it implies; difference in schedules, making a place where the NBA has been dominating for years, cultural differences… We have formed a very good human group between Bilibili, acb and Kalea Sport & Entertainment, giving all our best so that the second best league in the world begins to consolidate in China”, says the CEO of Kalea Group.

Real Madrid is proclaimed champion of the Endesa League, a competition that Bilibili broadcasts in China. Photo: acb Photo / E. Cobos

Bilibili bets on the emotion of the acb

Bilibili is the favorite online content and streaming platform of young people in China and has more than 220 million active users per month. In September 2021 he began broadcasting the Super Cup. Then, Chinese fans of the ACB have been able to follow the entire Endesa League, the Copa del Rey and even the Minicopa. In total, more than 330 live games. The record of views of the acb final is the result of work and an exciting season.

“The acb competitions are pure spectacle and are attractive from start to finish. For example, until the last day of the regular league it was not known who would be relegated. The same has happened with the final of  Endesa League: Real Madrid did not start as favorites, but has recovered from a convulsive season winning the title. From here we want to congratulate the champion, and all the teams that have made us enjoy as basketball fans an incredible show. In addition, we take the opportunity to congratulate the newly promoted: CB Granada, a historic club that returns to the top category. And to Basquet Girona, which also returns to the acb by the hand of a World and NBA champion like Marc Gasol, who is an example of commitment. We will be able to enjoy them next season”, says Fran González.

The acb season has concluded with record views on the Chinese platform Bilibili.

“The beginning of something great”

For Kalea Sport & Entertainment, the work of expanding the acb brand in China has only just begun. For the 2022/23 season, a roadmap is already being set up to reach the following level:

“There are ideas and desire on the part of all those involved. The confidence that the ACB has shown us is our engine to develop a promising future in a country where basketball is of great importance such as China. We are already working on a more ambitious communication plan, training projects to publicize how we work in Spanish clubs, and other collaborations that we are outlining. We are very grateful for the work, support and commitment that we have seen and felt from the beginning, both on the part of acb and on the part of Bilibli. We trust it to be the beginning of something big”, concludes the CEO of Kalea Sport & Entertainment.