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Fran González

After 9 years working in the Public Administration, Fran González turns his life and professional career around and combines his interest in the world of sport with the cultures of other countries to create Kalea Group, a consultancy firm specialized in developing “Marca España” in the Asian continent, especially in China, a country he knows well after years of continuous travelling. Step by step, the work of the Kalea Group expands around the world, and Kalea Sport & Entertainment and Kalea Ecofriendly are born.

Passionate about healthy eating, yoga, practising sports, and committed to caring for the planet, Fran firmly reflects the Chinese horoscope to which he belongs, the horse. Very active and willing, he is able to carry out ambitious projects with a great sense of responsibility. Those born under this sign are loyal and noble people with a strong belief in ethical principles. They are also considered generous and have a tendency to get involved in solidarity causes.

You can contact Fran at: