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Five things Kalea Ecofriendly does to help the planet

By 29 June 2022No Comments
Five things Kalea Ecofriendly does to help the planet

That our planet Earth does not continue to wither and suffer the consequences of climate change is in our hands. As individuals we can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, but at Kalea Ecofriendly we are sure that much of the success of the change will correspond to the mobilization of companies and entities. Therefore, we explain five things that Kalea Ecofriendly does to help the planet:

  1. Through our eco-consulting firm Kalea Ecofriendly, we accompany other entities and companies in their transition towards sustainability, advising them on renewable energies, the elimination of plastics and other actions to avoid emitting greenhouse gases.
  2. Thanks to our Kalea Ecofriendly Food & Drink Packaging. With them, companies will contribute to improving the environmental situation of the planet, replacing single-use petrochemical plastics with these new generation containers made of sustainable materials of plant origin. In this post we give you 10 reasons why you should use them.
  3. Kalea Ecofriendly is committed to sustainable cooking, organic farming and zero kilometer products. You can see this in our kitchen advice tasks in hospitals, clinics and residences; or in the workshops, training, gastronomic experiences and outdoor activities that we organize, for instance, in our team building for companies or groups.
  4. We believe that the fight against pollution is not possible without educating children in ecological values. For this reason, Kalea Ecofriendly offers educational centers talks and workshops on sustainability, the benefit of reducing plastics, and the importance of eco-conscious consumption.
  5. Of course, none of the above points would make sense if our companies Kalea Group, Kalea Sport & Entertainment and Kalea Ecofriendly did not lead by example. As a company we advocate teleworking and prioritize work trips with an electric car. At our headquarters, we have a filtering system to drink osmosis water and thus avoid generating plastic waste while taking care of ourselves. In addition, the members of our team are very respectful of the environment: they avoid using plastic containers, they follow the 3R rule (reduce, reuse and recycle), they participate in activities to clean wild and marine flora, they advocate for the trade of closeness etc.

Now that you know the five things that Kalea Ecofriendly does to help the planet… Do you want to join this ecofriendly movement? Let’s change the planet together!