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10 reasons to use our Ecofriendly packaging

By 9 March 2022May 3rd, 2022No Comments

Kalea Ecofriendly wants to accompany you in your process of change towards a more sustainable business, without polluting plastics and with packaging adapted to European regulations. For this reason, we give you 10 reasons to use our Kalea Ecofriendly Food & Drink Packaging:

  1. Resistant and versatile containers of the highest quality.
  2. They allow their use in cold or hot, it depends on the model.
  3. Diversity of shapes, sizes and materials.
  4. Tailor-made customization in shape, color or screen printing.
  5. Healthy Friendly packaging, they do not add strange flavors or transfer toxic substances to the food.
  6. Manufactured with organic vegetable elements such as corn, cassava or rice, in whose production process it does not generate greenhouse gases into the atmosphere or pollute the environment.
  7. Fully compostable products between 90, 180 or 360 days in water, CO2, without harm to the planet.
  8. Provide the extra point of sustainability and modernity to your business.
  9. Adapt to the new global legislation against single-use plastics.
  10. Contribute to preserving the planet with the Kalea Ecofriendly ecoconsultancy.

You already know our 10 reasons to use our Kalea Ecofriendly packaging. It is in our hands to react against the pollution of the planet by the use of plastic.