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Kalea Ecofriendly packaging to take care of the environment

By 10 June 2019May 3rd, 2022No Comments

Are you looking to help the planet from your business against plastic pollution ? Or do you simply want to adapt to the new legislation? Or do you just want to adapt to the new legislation? We help you with our Kalea Ecofriendly packaging to take care of the environment.

Kalea Group‘s philosophy of life and love for nature pushed us to launch this sustainable food & drink packaging project. Kalea Ecofriendly wants to accompany you, as a trusted supplier, facilitating this process of change towards a more sustainable world.

Kalea Ecofriendly has an extensive catalog of ecological and biodegradable products for daily use such as glasses, cutlery, trays, straws or food boxes.

Join this movement of change ‘Kalea Ecofriendly Food & Drink Packaging’

To facilitate the transition in the replacement of single-use petrochemical plastics by a new generation of sustainable materials of vegetable origin, we have created this extensive catalog where you will find ecological everyday products such as glasses, cutlery, trays, straws or food boxes. Likewise, we make exclusive designs adapted to your needs; whether by shape, size, color or culinary creativity, to give a differentiating and sustainable touch to your business.

We have focused our efforts and products to the catering sector, mainly to hotels, restaurants, takeaway, caterings, beach clubs and all those businesses related to food & drink, offering products of the highest quality in compostable and / or biodegradable packaging that comply with the strictest world regulations:, EU EN1343 certified US D-6400 ASTM.

Take care of the environment and the taste of your products

We want your delicious food, made with top-notch products and a lot of love, to be served in quality containers; without toxic plastic elements from petroleum that provide rare flavors when heated and give off substances harmful to the body; and we also seek to contribute to reducing the ecological impact generated by conventional plastics.

Large multinationals in the food and drinks industry, hotel chains, marketplaces and Km0 producers are already replacing their plastics. They seek to contribute to reversing this global situation by using these new generation ecofriendly packaging and providing a more ecological added value to their customers.

‘Kalea Ecofriendly Food & Drink Packaging’ are products created thanks to our union with large state-of-the-art factories worldwide that are already distributing to more than 30 countries. They are the result of large investments of time and money in R&D research, manufacturing with natural products and respecting the commitment to safeguard the environment.

Kalea Ecofriendly packaging is made of materials that completely decompose over time.

What is the new generation of compostable plastics of plant origin and where does it come from?

This new generation of materials are respectful of our seas and our Earth. They are produced from the use of biomass, reusing crop residues, agricultural or forestry waste such as discarded wood from pruning, cellulose from plants such as potatoes or cassava, straw, starches etc.

The main materials with which our containers, straws or bags are made are PLA and PBAT, but also bamboo or cardboard.

  • PLA is a new ecological plastic, from cellulose and fermented starch from plants such as potatoes, cassava or sugar cane. It is widely used in food packaging for its flexibility and transparency. Holds up to 40ºc.
  • PBAT is another eco-friendly plastic with greater strength. Starting from the PLA, an extra component is added to provide greater rigidity and endurance to the high temperatures of the microwave or oven.

They are materials that decompose completely over time, thanks to the action of living microorganisms found in nature. The enzymes produced by these bacteria break down the flexible polymer chains of materials into very small molecules.  These small molecules and other organic materials, such as organic waste, are digested by microorganisms. These make them even smaller by eventually merging with the earth. For example, PLA can decompose with CO2 and water in soil, wastewater, rivers and oceans under the action of microorganisms in a period of between 3-6 months.

One of the advantages of these new generation materials is that the natural process does not generate gases that increase the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere and do not cause pollution to the environment.

The cycle of life begins and ends on earth.

We are firmly committed to this new generation of people and companies committed to change that value and demand the use of sustainable and healthy friendly materials to serve their meals.

You can check our catalogue of sustainable packaging Kalea Ecofriendly here.