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Urbas Fuenlabrada congratulates the Year of the Tiger

By 7 February 2022May 3rd, 2022No Comments

Urbas Fuenlabrada congratulates the Year of the Tiger to the Chinese fans who follow their games through Bilibili. This Sunday during their acb game against Baskonia, the Fuenlabrada team wore a warm-up shirt aimed at Chinese viewers who watch the acb through Bilibili thanks to the agreement reached with the Kalea Sport & Entertainment consultancy. A tiger and the inscription 虎年快乐: “Happy Year of the Tiger” could be seen on the shirt.

The CEO of Kalea Group and Kalea Sport And Entertainment, Fran González, holds one of the commemorative Chinese New Year shirts together with the president of Urbas Fuenlabrada, José Quintana.


“We thank Fuenlabrada for all the predisposition shown in carrying out this beautiful message for the Chinese public, who from this year can enjoy a great competition such as the acb live on television”, declares Fran González, CEO of Kalea Group and Kalea Sport & Entertainment, consultancies that collaborate with the club from Fuenlabrada.

The message to Chinese viewers did not go unnoticed by the cameras and Movistar+ narrators who broadcast the game in Spain.

The “Fuenla” won Baskonia with solvency (84-70) and with an implacable Dusan Ristic who added 27 points, 10 rebounds and a PIR of 29.

Fuenlabrada congratulates the Year of the Tiger with a video

The Fuenlabrada acb team also recorded a message wishing a prosperous Chinese New Year that began on February 1. The video stars his players Dusan Ristic, Osas Ehigiator, and captain Christian Eyenga. The captain played in the Shanxi Zhongyu of the CBA Chinese league in 2013. In the video you can see how the players congratulate the lunar new year in Chinese accompanied by traditional elements of the spring festival such as the chunlian, the red envelopes called hong bao, and the tiger. You can read more about all of them and the Chinese New Year in this blog post.

Aimed at Chinese fans, this video can be seen both on Fuenlabrada’s social networks and on the ACB channel of the Bilibili online video platform, a place from which Chinese fans can follow all the acb competitions thanks to the agreement in which Kalea Sport & Entertainment participated.

Through this platform, the club from Fuenlabrada also congratulated its fans from the Asian country on the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival last September.

Urbas Fuenlabrada congratulates the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival through the Chinese video platform Bilibili.

La importancia de China para Fuenlabrada

The reason why Urbas Fuenlabrada feels linked to Chinese culture is that Fuenlabrada is the city with the largest Chinese business network in Spain. “We all know the link between the Chinese community and this town, so these actions by Urbas Fuenlabrada are excellent messages with a view to strengthening ties with the country”, said Fran González.

Most Chinese companies are located in the Cobo Calleja Industrial Park, the largest industrial park in Europe due to the number of companies it houses. In total there are around 1,500, of which 45% are run by Chinese businessmen. It has more than 7,500 workers and almost 100% occupancy. In it, you can find all kinds of Chinese import products: jewelry stores, shoemakers, electronics, clothing.