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Sustainable gastronomy and a simple and refreshing recipe for flavored water

By 18 June 2022No Comments

On June 18, the Day of Sustainable Gastronomy is celebrated, and for this reason, we chat with an expert in the field such as our Business Director, Carolina Morán, who also brings you a simple, sustainable and refreshing flavored water recipe for these hot days.

“For me, sustainable cooking and eating is based on these pillars: On the one hand, maximum use and reuse of ingredients. On the other, the use of seasonal, organic and Km 0 products, which provide the maximum number of nutrients, economic savings and cause less polluting impact by avoiding transport by shopping nearby).In addition, it is important to eat what is necessary, not to overeat, as happens in the first world where there are related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes… A situation which collides with what happens in the third world, where they die of hunger. And, finally, we must demand as a responsible consumer to know the origin and the way of growing our food. We have to avoid pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, chlorine, sulphites, etc, in our food, since all this affects what we eat and our health”, explains Carolina Morán.

Carolina Morán, in addition to Business Director of Kalea Group, is a chef and nutritionist.
A very Kalea Ecofriendly recipe

A very Kalea Ecofriendly recipe

By now you know that 70% of our body is made up of water and that we need to drink an average of two liters of quality filtered water daily to stay healthy. But… Do you feel like taking it with a little more flavor?

Carlina Morán, who in addition to her managerial tasks at Kalea Ecofriendly, fulfills her passion as a nutritionist and chef, brings us an easy-to-make, refreshing and sustainable recipe for flavored water: “It’s a recipe for use and zero waste…! Like our grandmothers did!”

In five simple steps you can make this sustainable recipe for flavored water with strawberries and cucumber.

Receta sostenible de agua saborizada

En cinco sencillos pasos podrás elaborar esta receta sostenible de agua saborizada con fresas y pepino.

Simple flavored water recipe

You just need:

1 pitcher of filtered water
1/4 cucumber
4/ 5 organic strawberries


Choose 4 or 5 strawberries from your box, the “least pretty” and ripest, the ones that a priori would end up in the trash.
Wash and cut in half.
Now take 4 or 5 strawberries that you intend to eat for dessert and cut the part of the green leaves.
Wash and cut into large pieces ¼ cucumber.
You only have to fill a jug or glass bottle with water and put the ugly strawberries, the green tails, the cucumber pieces inside and put it in the fridge.

When you are thirsty you will have a drink of water with a lot of flavor in the fridge! Enjoy it!