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What does ‘Kalea’ mean?

By 10 January 2019March 16th, 2022No Comments
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Choosing the name of your company is an important decision, since it will accompany you throughout your professional life. In the following lines we explain what does “Kalea” mean and why we call ourselves “Kalea Group”.

The way you name your company can say a lot about it: its philosophy, the values ​​it represents, its interests, the audience it is targeting, etc. Therefore, when Fran González, CEO of Kalea Group, and Carolina Morán, Business Director, embarked on this adventure, they were very clear that its meaning would have to represent the philosophy of our consultancy.

Another aspect that had to be taken care of was the universality of the project. Kalea Group facilitates business between companies in Spain and China. Therefore, the company name had to be easy to pronounce and remember in any language in the world.

And, luckily, they found him: Kalea.

Joy and enthusiasm to illuminate the future of our clients

“Kalea” is a Hawaiian name that means ‘joy, happiness’, feelings that can never be lacking in our lives.

It also means ‘bright, light that illuminates the future, illusion’. Illusion is what the Kalea Group team squanders. And as a consultant, we serve as a beacon for all our clients to achieve those goals they always dreamed of.

The so-called “Kalea” are distinguished by being alert, communicative, social, versatile and highly adaptable people. Attributes that all members of the Kalea Group have.

“Independence, challenges and optimism are traits that represent Kalea people”, explains Carolina Marín, Business Director of Kalea Group: “We believe that in any business venture you have to have many of these traits and even more when we talk about working with cultures as different as Chinese and Spanish. You have to be very tolerant, resilient, open-minded and very tenacious ”.

In Hawaii they say that those who are called this are characterized by being leaders who project spiritual and material energy, always with the idea of ​​helping others achieve great success. They see things together for the good of all, and that is what we do for our clients at Kalea Group.