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Movie and series shootings are safer thanks to Kalea Group

By 2 December 2021May 3rd, 2022No Comments

Movie and series shootings are safer thanks to Kalea Group. The consulting firm has partnered with the supplier of laboratory material Materlab to supply EPIS, antigen tests, PCRs and medical supplies to various producers in the film industry.

Thanks to this collaboration, series like ‘In from the cold’ (Netflix) or ‘Jack Ryan’ (Prime Video) have been able to shoot their last seasons safely, despite the pandemic.

Kalea Group has provided anti-COVID testing so that Jack Ryan seasons 3 and 4 have been able to shoot normally and safely.

Since the beginning of 2021, more than twenty thousand antigen tests, dozens of PCRs, one hundred thousand masks have been delivered; and miles of EPIS, hydroalcoholic gels or gloves to film producers such as Buttercup Productions, JAJA Film or Zeus Film. Likewise, Biomaro, the laboratory with which Kalea Group and Marterlab work, has been validated by the Netflix protocols. Therefore, you have the green light to collaborate with any production of the famous streaming platform.

Kalea Group fights against the pandemic

Since March 2020, Kalea Group has been helping companies and entities protect their staff from the coronavirus with medical supplies from Asia. During the first months of the pandemic, logistics and the supply of masks and medical gloves from China to various regional governments and Ibex companies were facilitated. Since September of that same year, Kalea Group has supplied and carried out antigen and PCR tests to health clinics and entities such as Inditex, sports clubs or Ibex companies, in addition to film and television production companies.

The last antigen tests obtained by Kalea Group and Materlab in 2021 are from the SD Biosensor brand and come from South Korea. Its acquisition allows the audiovisual industry not to interrupt its activity due to the pandemic and guarantees the safety of its workers by preventing the spread of COVID. Movie and series shootings are safer thanks to Kalea Group.