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Kalea Group accompanies Ningbo authorities on their visit to FEB

By 30 May 2019April 22nd, 2022No Comments
Autoridades de Ningbó visitan la FEB Con Kalea Group

Fran González, CEO of Kalea Group, has accompanied a delegation of Chinese authorities from Ningbó and the tournament sponsor company, Putehui, on their visit to the headquarters of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB). The reason for this meeting is the triangular tournament that will be played by the basketball teams of Spain, Argentina and Russia in the Chinese city.

This visit is one more step in the collaboration between China and Spain for the development of basketball for which Kalea Group is betting strongly with the presentation of the basketball tournament that we will celebrate in July, prior to the World Cup that will take place in China. The Chinese authorities make this trip to learn more about Spanish basketball, both at the Federation and acb level. With the latter, we are also working to reach an agreement that will allow us to take the acb to China ”, explained Fran González.

The CEO of Kalea Sport & Entertainment, Fran González, accompanied the Ningbo authorities on their visit to FEB. @ NPhoto-FEB

The entourage that has been able to enjoy the treasures displayed in the FEB Museum. According to FEB President Jorge Garbajosa: “This visit is a symbol of absolute trust and enthusiasm on the part of the organizers of this tournament. This is key at the sporting level as it allows the team to physically acclimatize five days before the start of the World Cup. In addition, the tournament is framed in a pavilion that we will inaugurate with more than 13,000 spectators and with a city overturned”, he said.

Luxury facilities

The triangle will be played at the Olympic Sport Center in Ningbo. These impressive sports facilities will allow the three teams to prepare conveniently for the World Cup to be held in China a few days after the triangular.

Huang Zhenhui, General Secretary for Sports of the Ningbo Government, stressed that “it is very important to bring the best teams to Ningbó. The objective is that our inhabitants can get to know the players and grow the number of people who play sports”.

Fran González en la reunión entre FEB y Ningbó

The representatives of FEB, Kalea Sport & Entertainment and Ningbo finalized the details about the triangle to be held in July in China. @ NPhoto-FEB

Spain, Russia and Argentina will meet in August in Ningbo

In the meeting, some details of the triangle that will face Spain and Argentina on August 27 and Spain and Russia on August 28 were advanced.

Thanks to Kalea Group and McCann, FEB and Ningbó have established an alliance between the two countries that will not end with the tournament. The common objective is to promote the development of basketball in this region.

In this regard, Jorge Garbajosa has concluded that “the Chinese basketball market is the most emerging in the world. From the FEB we consider that this visit is only the beginning of a good and future friendship. The Chinese and Spanish basketballs, the city of Ningbo and sponsoring companies will benefit from this collaboration”.